Parker Sinclair

Bio: The development of my imagination and my passion for writing can be attributed to my multiple childhood destinations lacking indoor plumbing. It may sound odd, yet when your journey to adulthood consists of numerous backpacking, camping and hiking trips to the most out-of-the-way, and breathtakingly beautiful places in North America, the creation of games, worlds and characters are the result. We did not have access to numerous hand-held devices, Wi-Fi or hotel movies on demand; we had books, nature hikes, imaginative games, stories around the campfire, fishing expeditions and attempted one-of-a-kind dives into natural hot springs. I would never trade the childhood my parents gave me, and I thank them for raising me to have my own thoughts, dreams and bountiful imagination. Oh and I wish to thank them for teaching me that I should never leave my jeans on the floor of an everglades campground shower -lest I do the dance of the scorpions in my pants again! I currently reside in Virginia with my family. In college I studied biological sciences and psychology, specifically studying animal behavior, but my love has forever been to write. There are boxes in my house full of endless notebooks, journals, and logs with poems, stories, lyrics and personal rants scratched into them with pencil, marker, pen, whatever I could get my hands on as the word demanded to be thrown out of my mind and on to paper. In my 7th grade English class I wrote my first short story about which my teacher made the comment that it could be a great book someday. That statement continues to inspire and push me today.

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